August 23, 2012

1. One Glorious Ship

1. One Glorious Ship

So this is the very first strip to my webcomic!
I'm kind of excited and I'm hoping it will work out somehow. It might be starting out a bit boring, but I'm only setting a few things about the characters and all. Stay alert for more Space and Sea comics!

You need more details on this one? Well the first thingy is a photoshopped picture of my hometown in winter my big bro took. I made it more futuristic, but what looks like pointy rocks are really huge chunk of ice floating on the river I didn't need to edit much to give an alien look:3

Also, in case it wasn't obvious, the green guys are doing the space traffic at some spaceport, and they are truly turtles! See, their shells are their helmets!!!
Yeah... Sea and Space after all...

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