October 4, 2012

4.5 The Head of Maintenance

Oh yeah, here's our rebel! He'll oppose you just because he can! We are starting to get the idea why I keep saying the crew is screwed (ha. ha. ha.)
Also I want to assure you El has no connection whatsoever with a gang, and the bandanna /handkerchief /whatever is not a reference to the Bloods or the NorteƱos or any other group. It's more like a nudge at some student strikes and "riots" that took place in the province where I live: their symbol was a red square and some would wear masks for a few protests. A long story, the students "won" :P

I had a few problems uploading this one... until I found out it was simply some mess-up with Internet Explorer (hey, I always had the high speed connection and I never game with my laptop so I never felt the need to upgrade until now!). I used Chrome and now everything's fine. Anyway, now I'm back to the university full-time, I just hope I will still have time for all this.

See you soon! More on Sunday!

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