January 13, 2013

12. Earning the Double O's, part 3

12. Earning the Double O's, part 3

There you go: third and last part of my James Bond edition! Technically I'm not late: the holidays are over for me since a week, and it's still Sunday where I live...

I hope it wasn't too bad after all... As for the references, the profile view of that sharked Bond is once again based on a mix between Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, and the Jacuzzi is based on the sauna where Xenia tries to kill Bond for the first time in Goldeneye (I just added some toasters, you know).

Another version of the ultimate drunk deathtrap included geese, but it was deemed to complicated to explain at the end.

VoilĂ !
See you next week as things will go back to normal on Space and Sea and the last "main characters" will be introduced.


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