April 21, 2013

18. Quick Repairs, part 1

18. Quick Repairs, part 1

Ugh... not my best one (although the sweater filled with cookies still amuses me), and sorry for the big delay: school got in the way I guess I can say. I might be late as well for the second part of this since it's the end of my semester in a few weeks only: I have to wrap things up and complete my internship, something on which I depend to complete my bacc. degree and get admitted to my master degree next Fall...

So, in theory, I won't be drawing for the next few weeks. If I do deliver the sequel in time, that means I'm procrastinating, which is bad.

Oh, and the spacesuit, I took the inspiration from the one they wear in 2001: Space Odyssey, in case it wasn't obvious. I hope it's not gonna cause copyright issues, but I doubt anyone would want to sue a small time comic maker not getting any money from her work.

See you soon but not too soon!


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