September 19, 2012

2.5 The Captain

Oh yeah, my lovely D.S. !
I used him as some sort of avatar on Tegaki-e (a drawing website, you can find it there) when I wanted to tease or troll a bit. He is himself based on another character of mine, some sort of alien mercenary, also much of a stupid prick, which is in turn partially based on a character I created for what was supposed to be a sci-fi novel (it's on hiatus, needless to say).

Why Drunken Shark? One day I decided something as badass and silly as a shark (see the mythology of Shark Week) would be even more badass and silly once drunk. I made it my nickname on some websites, and then made the character with the same name...

I take the time to say I don't support in any way drunk driving or any of the stupid behaviours my characters display in this webcomic: it's humour and it's fiction, nobody's really in danger or anything.
A cartoon character smashing a tree with his car while drunk is funny, a real guy doing so in real life is not: I trace the line, that's all >:|

Now, hey: see you all next Sunday!

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