October 17, 2012

6.5 The Bitch

The chick with the tentacle hair!
I just love how outrageous she is to tell blatant and stupid lies all the time. Each time she'll join the fun, you'll see!

You probably didn't notice, but this character has always an additional shade to it when coloured: the others are basic colour/shading as she is basic colour/highlights/shading. Well that's because she is oily and shiny; that sheen is sexy I guess.

Pam is based on a character I used to kid around with sometimes on TegakiE: she used to be more like M; she was the sensible one while everybody was insane. But sonce I liked her design but had already a sane character, I went for the luscious lying bitch :P Way more fun this way.

See you soon, hoping I'll be done with the strip on time <__<

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