October 21, 2012

7. That Guy...

7. That Guy

Woah, I completed this one yesterday late in the evening *__* I'm starting to see what real artists mean when they are complaining about deadlines...
Sorry if this one doesn't really have a punchline (unless you count D.S.'s amazing counter argument as one) ;  mostly wanted to introduce that guy. You know, the one that will seriously quote "There is no I in Team" and other lousy cliché motivation gigs? I'll say more on his character sheet, but you get the idea...
Also, you might not notice right now, but the backgroung was modeled on the dining room you find in the movie Alien. I adapted it a bit, changed the colour and some bit I couldn't find online, but it's  basically where you see the whole chest bursting scene in the movie.
See ya!

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