November 18, 2012

10. Earning the Double O's, part 1


10. Earning the Double O's, part 1

Yep, here it is! First part of a short Bond themed serie! Like I said I'm doing this because I just love the franchise and it's been this way for more than half my young life.
I could have called this DrunkenShark Meets Bond, but it would have made this one first part wrong or given people false hope I guess... I won't say more about the "plot" of my next strips though, you'll see in time.

So the whale guy is supposed to be the old time M, the one back in Connery's and Moore's days: I even used picture of his office as a reference. I just thought the classic M was easier to parody. As for the last picture, those who have seen Skyfall or the trailers about this movie will find it familiar, and those who haven't won't be spoiled anything...

And in case it's confused: the teal guy is Drunken Shark, remember? The douchebag troll... He just decided to join MI6 for some reasons... We'll see my sharked version of Bond soon :P

Anyway, I'm excited for the rest, see you next week! I'll try not be late!

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